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Annual post , so it seems

Just going to type a few words.. it seems that my last post was a year ago.. yes i am still mother of three with no additional dependence just yet lol. Raya Haji is up somewhere next week and currently this is the month of Kuala Lumpur 2017 SEA Games with the upcoming Hari Kebangsaan due this end of the month. Ive watched the delayed version of the Opening Ceremony and it was beautiful and a joy to watch.

I am up to another journey insyallah hopefully begins in October/ November .. one of the many reasons to hang on to this blog page is to complete whatever academic commitment that i have signed up for.. the priorities have view on life is not the same when i first upload my blog 11 years ago.. and its interesting to see.. how i cringe reading the 2006-me rambled.. 
anyway, see you in 2018 peeps!

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